Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thank you again to Sara for coming up with Weekend Cook Book Challenge. And for letting me be the host this month. I had a lot of fun. I have to be honest. I was a bit nervous hosting WCBC #17. I really wanted to have a lot of enteries and do well. But then my inbox slowly started to fill up and I was quite the happy cook. Although the ingredient did prove to be a challenge (as the title does say say challenge) all the recipes sound and look wonderful. I’ve posted about how versatile cornmeal is and how I like to cook with it. And the participants sure proved its versatility. Thank you to all everyone that participated and sent such appetizing recipes. It gave me a great opportunity to find new food blogs and recipes. The below entries are posted in the order I recieved them.

My first email was a breakfast recipe from new blogger Lisa at Food and Spice for Cranberry (one of my favorites) and Cornmeal muffins.

Chris, from Melecotte also a new food blogger submitted a very tasty looking recipe for an Italian cake, a Pear and Polenta cake to be exact. I love desserts with pear.

Marta an Italian In The US , also submitted an Italian dessert, cookies, using cornmeal, raisins, and lemon. Light and chewy looking. Her recipe is from The Good Cook, a collection of international recipes.

The next recipe was from Tami at Running with Tweezers. She made a snack using cornmeal: Cornmeal Crackers with Pumpkin Seeds. You’re right Tami it does look like it would do well at a wine tasting.

Carla from Chocolate Moosey made Corn Pup muffins. A savory muffin recipe that looks really good.

Traci and Steve from Basting Away in Margaritaville chose Spicy Beef Empanadas from Emeril Legassi's New Orleans Cooking cookbook, as their first recipe for Weekend Cookbook challenge. I sure do love empanadas.

Eunice from Lemonalmond.blogspot made Lemon Cornmeal Cake. And I am glad because of WCBC Eunice decided to bake again. Doesn't her cake look lovely?

Ahn from Ahnsfoodblog, made Orange & Cardamom Polenta Biscuits. It must smell so wonderful. I like that she used heart shaped cook cutters to shape the biscuits.

Newcomer Sukanyaramkumar from Hot and Sweet Bowl made Fried Okra With Scallion Dip. It looks like a marvelous appetizer. One I can’t wait to try.

Lisa from La Mia Cucina baked an Alton Brown dessert Pineapple Upside Down Corn Cake. I adore Pineapple Upside Down Cake. But had never heard of Pineapple Upside Down corn cake till now. Oh that Alton is a favorite of mine. Thank you Lisa.

Steph the creator of A Whisk And a Spoon baked a Lemon Polenta Cake for this round of WCBC. Looks so tasty Steph.

Mary aka the Breadchick’s contribution is Microwave Tamale Pie! Mexican food is one of my favorites. Her description before the recipe is pretty interesting. The recipe looks mouthwatering and simple to cook. Thanks Mary!

I was happy one of my favorite food bloggers Ruth who has a variety of food blogs, decided to participate in this months WCBC challenge. Her entry was Lemony Biscotti. So happy you found a new favorite recipe.

Sara the mastermind behind Weekend Cookbook Challenge as well as her own neat blog I like To Cook, after a bit of testing, made a yummy looking breakfast dish Lemon Cornmeal Waffles. Glad it turned out well Sara.

Mallow from Sweet and Savory Foods made dessert, Lemon Cornmeal Cookies. A Martha Stewart Christmas recipe. Mallow found a way to mix them up a bit.

Quellia from All Things Edible made a tasty looking dessert Peach and blueberry cobbler with cornmeal biscuits. Blueberries and peaches go great together.

Marye from Apron Strings and Simmering Things baked a Sweet Potato Cornbread. Intriguiging.

Asha from Aroma Hope made Tex-Mex Corn Bread. She recomends enjoying it with a bowl of spicy chili. I agree.

Chef Girl Paige made Cornbread Croutons to go along with her yummy looking seafood stew. How inventive!

Halo from Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once made a great looking and sounding dessert: Polena Poundcake.

And of course you saw my entry(Pupusas) yesterday.


Shannon said...

OMG those dishes look amazing and I want to taste them all lol... what is this cook challenge thing anyways... did I miss something lol...

Sorry you didn't get to go on the balloon ride... but at least you still had fun =)

Lis said...

I am happily surprised at all the cornmeal submissions - way to go everyone!

You hosted a lovely round-up, Ani.. thanks so much =)


Sara said...

Great round-up! Thanks so much for hosting!!!!

Asha said...

Great collection of recipes with Cornmeal.Thanks for hosting Ani:)

Jesser said...

Wowsers!! Great turnout. You're right - cornmeal is very versatile. Have you seen the ep of Good Eats where Alton goes all crazy on cornmeal (grits vs. polenta)? Good ep.

Maybe I can participate next go-around.

Shaun said...

Ani - You certainly took hosting quite seriously, coming up with a tough though versatile focus ingredient. I couldn't decide what to do, and I was not sure where to find it here in New Zealand. I should have tried harder because it looks like I missed out on a good one, but I have been inspired. Fabulous!

Carla said...

Looks like a great round up. Can't wait to start using leftover cornmeal with these recipes. Great job hosting and organizing everything :)