Thursday, June 07, 2007

One of my favorite Armenian cold cuts is Basterma. Unlike traditional American deli meats it is dry cured. It is spicy and delicious. I can remember many winters when my parents would make it from scratch. My brother and I would have to wait weeks before it was done. It is a long process. Now my parents and I purchase it from Middle Eastern or Russian stores. When I was younger I used to enjoy eating it by itself, but I would have to agree with my dad that it taste's better with some Lavash or Pita. Basterma is served as an Armenian appetizer platter along with hummus, olives, Lavash, feta, and red pepper dip.


Mike said...

It kind of looks like prosciutto in that photo. Does it taste like it?

Hrmmm I never heard the term dry cured before. Is that different than other cured meats like pastrami and corned beef?

Jesser said...

Oh good lord that looks yummy. Hummus ... meat ... I have no lunch. So hungry. ;)

Anonymous said...

This looks delicious! Does it have the texture of prosciutto? I am not sure where I can get it here but I am going to research a bit and see what I can find.