Monday, June 04, 2007

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was a scorcher in NYC. The reported thunderstorms never happened. I hope they come soon. Seems like we jumped into Summer when there are really two more weeks of spring left.

Friday night Niel went to scouts, I did a bit of cleaning then we had a late dinner with some friends. I know it makes Niel happy whenever he see them. With everyone going in different directions I know its nice that they can still reconnect. Good, true friends are important.

Saturday Niel had a work related event to take care of and I ran errands on my own. Later we met up for lunch at a new Sushi restaurant we had been meaning to try called Sushi Land. The food is excellent. The freshest Sushi I have ever tasted. They offer the typical yummy Japanese cuisine but also fried ice cream and cheesecake. I think we have to go back for just dessert next time. The prices were very affordable. In the evening Niel went to a bachelor party and I put away laundry while I watched She's The Man. Amanda Bynes is the same character in all her movies. I guess she's made a niche for herself. But the concept of the film was such a stretch. Found my first mosquito bite of the season. It is huge, red and itchy.

Sunday the heat had broken a little bit and we got some rain. We had lunch with my parents. My dad bbq'd anyway. There were ribs, peppers and tomatoes. My mom made sides of salad, a onion and green bean quiche, ratatoulle, medley of potatoes, onion and mushrooms with mini meatloaves. She always serves two entries. We had watermelon for dessert. Mmmmm. The food was all so good. Afterwards we ended up watching a soccer match that was happening in Argentina. My dad loves soccer. We left with containers of goodies and just relaxed the rest of the day. Could do anything with the hubby and its fun.

Did anyone see Grillfest Southbeach on the Food Network? All the recipes looked so delicious.

Niel got me Eat This:1,001 Things to Eat Before You Diet. I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks again sweets.
I will give a review after I am done.

I am excited about a new series debuting tonight on CBS at 8 called Creature Comforts. It's brought to you from the creators(Aardman Animation) of the original British version and Wallace and Gromit. Just a bunch of people talking but, the voice coming out of a claymated animal. Funny stuff.

June 12 is the deadline to email me your recipes if you would like to participate in Weekend Cook Book Challenge 17. Cornmeal is the main ingredient. Thank you


Anonymous said...

Sushi land sounds grand. It sounds like a small world cruise I would like to be on!

Jessica said...

Sushi Land...I could name a kid that hehehe!
We finally had some rain yesterday but not enough. The grass is crunchy in the yard. Its is like we didn't have a spring at all just winter and summer.

Jesser said...

Glad you had a nice weekend. I have seen the original Creature Comforts shorts and they are very funny. Too bad i missed last night ... Tivo will help me out next week. ;)

Shannon said...

loved creature comforts... did you... i love shows that make me giggle... and that Eat This book sounds interesting...