Monday, May 14, 2007

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Saturday we went to a Mets game. We had nice seats and it was good weather. They ended up losing but it was still fun. We had sat in a rowdy section and that made things interesting. Then like a dummy I deleted our pictures from the game. We have a lot of pictures from previous games, but I still felt bad for Niel. He said now it just gives us another reason to go to another game. Sunday took the mom's out to lunch at the same Cuban restaurant we went to last month. They make the best Mojitos. Niel and I then came home and watched Casino Royal. It was action packed as expected but not much of a story line. I also made a pineapple upside down cake. Tasty,

For some reason even though I have an oven now I have been cooking a lot of dishes on the stove top.

I had heard that Battlestar Galactica might only have one more season, but the executive producer says that is not true. I hope there will be more than one season. I really got into it. Sad to say George Lopez and Studio 60 are cancelled.

Don't forget June 11 is the deadline to email me with your recipes/post for Weekend Cookbook Challenge. Cornmeal is the main ingredient. Looking forward to seeing the recipes.

Speaking of food as usual here are some recipes I thought sounded good.

cake photo by Niel


Yvett said...

So do you love the Mets and hate the Yankees or do you have love for both. It always seems to be one or the other.


Did you notice about Casino Royale how he didn't have all the cool gadgets anymore? That used to be what Bond movies were all about. He basically just used his cellphone throughout the whole movie.

chemcookit said...

Great theme for the next WCC. At this regard, I was wondering if cornflour was allowed too.