Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Monday everyone. Hah! Hope everyone had a nice weekend to help get them through the work week. Friday afternoon the skies had cleared up, the sun came out out, and the temperatures went into the 50's in NYC. (But now its back to cold, windy, snowy weather.) It was really rejuvenating. After work I strolled around the Farmer's Market in Union Square looking at the various produce from the farmers who braved it through the nasty rain and winds and then met up with Niel. We snacked on a couple of pastries I purchased. On the way home we went into a kitchen goods store Niel saw. I got a Turkey shaped Cookie cutter. Saturday we cleaned in the morning, went to Shea so Neil could take some photos(he rally enjoys it),ran a few errands and came home to watch The Queen. Better than I thought it would be. Felt like we were getting a sneak peak at the royals life. Niel walked his brother's dog too. Poor thing is constipated again. Wonder why? Sunday we went to the beach for a little bit, did grocery shopping and caught up on Heroes and Pysche. Which won't be back on till July. Can't wait for Little People to start again. Tonight must watch Galactica as we both fell asleep early.

I decided I like brown eggs better, only for aesthetic reasons though. I find them prettier. I don't really know if there is a nutritional difference. But if I can find them at the same cost as white eggs I'll get them instead.

Prospect Park in Brooklyn is getting a skating rink soon.

Made Rachel Ray's Golden Oscar Ice Cream Cups. I didn't like it so much. But Niel looooved it.

Watched George Lopez's latest HBO show. I laughed so much. Niel not so much.

The Japanese do it again. Tiny robots that reduce the need for surgery!

These fury little creatures look so sweet in this photo but in a few months the Orangutan will become pray.

Cause I would like to share the savings goodness. I stumbled upon a very cool coupon site. If it ever comes down I would be very sad. Check it out.

Niel photo


Shannon said...

Ooh a skating rink?? So jealous!

Shannon said...

ohhh i gotta try those ice cream things by RR... those look awesome!