Thursday, February 15, 2007

Both our offices closed a little bit early yesterday due to the snow NYC got. Niel picked me up at mine and we were walking towards the train when he spotted that ABC which is across the street from my office was letting people hold an Oscar trophy for free. ABC is airing the Oscars next Sunday. Agreeing that was a cool thing to do we went inside and held an Oscar. It was pretty neat and now I know why the Oscar winners hold their trophy with both hands. It is surprisingly heavy. Niel says I looked really happy to hold the trophy. As if I had really won.

Niel Photo.

Niel Photo.


Jesser said...

"You like me! You really like me!!"

Crazy crazy snow!! We got more here last night too (though nothing like what you got!!) and everyone was driving this morning as though the ground was clear ... which, I suppose, in comparison to before it kinda is, but that doesn't mean it isn't slippery!!

Yvett said...

Way too cool! I'd LOVE to take pics holding an Oscar!

Last week I felt guilty about our weather. We were in the 80's and people we out in shorts. Meanwhile, I keep seeing the news about snow in the east coast. I hope it all clears up soon. Oh, and it's cool again here. Only up to about the 60's.

Mike said...

I always thought the Oscars were a little taller than that. Interesting. Maybe Im thinking of the Golden Globes.

laura said...

That's really cool, Ani! (The Oscar, not the snow. Snow is never cool).