Thursday, January 18, 2007

I need to find Jimmy Dean's pancakes and sausage on a stick. That's right you read correctly. It's a breakfast item. Except I hope to find them without the chocolate chips. Cause you know with the chocolate chips it would be just gross. The combo reminds me of McDonald's pancake sausage breakfast sandwiches. Which I love. It also reminds me of corn dogs. Which I also love. So I have to find it. No I need to find it.

I heard about it on Not Martha. I love her site. She has such good info.


Anonymous said...

Cameron Diaz was right, we do need more meat on sticks.

Jesser said...

I'd seen those on NotMartha too! :) I should pick some up for the hubby for brekkie. They look like something he'd really get into.

Shannon said...

ohhhh yummy gotta find these