Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I have eclectic taste or scent(if you will) in perfume. I'm not exclusive to any brand. I'll wear the knock offs that are sold in the drug store, a chain stores signature scent, the pricey ones(if I can get them on sale) and even the ones that celebrities add their names too. For the longest time I wore Gap Blue or Dream. Currently I am enjoying Stella McCartney's Stella, JLo's Glow, Britney Spear's Curious, and even Mary Kate and Ashley's Coast To Coast La Beach Honeysuckle. Oh the shame. As long as it smells nice to me I don't care who creates it.


Jesser said...

I'm just a big fan of Demeter perfumes. I have two ... Sugar Cookie and Mint Julep. Yum!

Jessica said...

I've been wearing the Be Delicious. I think that it is by DKNY. We just got an Ulta store and they have a lot of perfumes. I just sniffed the PlayDoh Demeter scent the other day. Memories :)