Monday, October 23, 2006

What the dooce? As Stewie Griffith says. The weather has been wacko. Last weekend it was warm and I even wore sandals to work one day during the week. Then Friday and this weekend it was freezing! Friday evening there was a lot of wind and I regretted wearing a denim jacket as my outer covering.

Work has been nutty but what else is new. The locks on our bathroom keys were changed after some transvestite was in one of the ladies room. Which honestly I don't know what the big whoop was about. Plus I lost all of my other keys and had to replace them.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Maybe I can live vicariously through some of your stories? I worked this past Sunday because a few of my clients were at a fair my employer was hosting. So Friday and Saturday we took it easy which Niel loves. But taking it easy didn't mean there wasn't any laundry or errand running or cleaning to be done. Friday after Niel returned from scouts we watched television and enjoyed some Papa Johns. Mmmm fake pizza. Tasty. Heh heh. Yeah I know its the only pizza that most of the country knows and I did fall for their sausage special.

On of our errands I was getting cold cuts. The butcher was offering slices of olive loaf and I said yes. The gluten that I am I got a stomach ache from the one slice. LOL! I did see people being nice to one another all weekend. I like to see that. It makes me smile.

Pam's character is so nice to Michael's character on The Office. I love Thursdays.

I've been seeing a lot of British actresses on American television. Dawn from The British Office is on Studio 60(Why isn't anyone watching this. The show rocks!) and on Ugly Betty. Ashley from the Ricky Gervais show Extras is also on Ugly Betty. And Susan from British Coupling was on the NBC show Teachers.


Jessica said...

(whisper) Meg...
We had Papa John's last night. I would rather have some real pizza too but they don't deliver around here and it was like 10 bucks.

Jesser said...

Glad you had a good if odd weekend. I spent so much time resting I'm almost glad to be at work ... almost. hehe

All we ate in college was Papa John's and it's one of my least fave pizzas now. If we get delivery, it's usually Blackjack which is a local chain and if I can help it, I get some NY style pizza from one of our local shops. We have Anthony's Pizza and Pasta ( which is pretty good ... for CO. ;)

I have not seen most of those shows. With Tivo being broken (soon it shall be fixed) and all, I just haven't had the time.

foodiechickie said...

LOOL! (whisper) Tfphll.

Yeah the $10 deal is one of the reasons we ordered from Papa Johns Jessica.

Keep resting Jess! Once you get your Tivo fived you can rest and watch TV. Heh heh. How about knitting till its fixed?
I didn't hear of Papa Johns till two years ago. We have a really good pizzeria around the corner but wanted some junky pizza. Heh heh.

Mike said...

Rachel likes Studio 60 too. Me, I dont like it so much. I found the show to be too chaotic, it made me feel like I was at work. So much going on in the pilot, so many characters, it made my head hurt.

I haven't been overly impressed with the new shows so far. Heroes is really good, but the Nine which was supposed to be the best new show of the fall and its a real snoozefest and in danger of being cancelled. 30 Rock was really funny the 1st week, week 2 sucked. I think Tina Fey is really funny and creative, so I hope they give the show a chance to work out some of the kinks.

Another show you and Rachel like is Little People Big World. Rachel loves that show. It's kind of grown on me too. I admire the dad on the show so much.

Mike said...

Oh and I had a similar stomach ache experience a few weeks back. When you guys sent us the halloweeen Peeps, I went a little nuts and ate too many. I swear they expand in your stomach or something. But damn they were tasty :-)

foodiechickie said...

Too bad we all don't live closer we could have TV nights once in a while Mike heh heh. Glad Little People has grown on you. The dad is amazing. He's grown on me. The premier episode we wanted to ring his neck but he's done a lot and he doesn't feel sorry for himself. I wish his family would see that once in a while. But I guess its the editing. Sorry about the peeps I love them myself too much too. LOL.

curlygirl said...

I watch Studio 60 and you're right it's a really good show. I also watch Ugly Betty. I actually saw the spanish soap opera it's based on. And you know what other show is really good? Brothers & Sisters.

foodiechickie said...

Yeah I heard Ugly Betty was based on a Colombian soap opera and many coutries have adapted the show.