Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If I do end up in hell I know it will definitely be for gluttony or at least stupidity. You would think I would lay off at least for a bit on all the starch I was consuming. Starchy products are one of the food categories that get my stomach in a tizzy. If I mix starch and cheese at all, forget about it. It's like cement to my stomach.

Anyway on Sunday after work Niel picks me and his mom up from the city. I took a train up to meet Niel and my mother in-law at Grand Central. She was returning from a candle buying excursion in Massachusetts with her sisters. We drive to her neighborhood and eat a new diner that opened up. The diner only serves Hispanic food. Can you hear the angels singing? Because the foods at this diner would make them sing. I love Hispanic food. Niel and I are lucky that we both enjoy the foods from each other's cultures. My favorites are rice and beans, Pernil skin (roast pork) and Mofongo(plantains cooked and crushed with garlic and bits of pork).

This diner made the most freshest Mofongo I have ever tasted. It was buttery and flavorful.

But between eating that and the rice and beans on Sunday, the last few days have been miserable for my belly. :(

Pic from elboricua.com


Jessica said...

I hope your tummy feels better soon! I'll be there with you ;)
I love me some good eats :)

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Jessica:) Heh heh Good Eats.

Jesser said...

Gluttony is definitely my deadliest sin. ;) But I do try hard to overcome ... hehe ... ah well, at least we enjoy life! :) Hope you feel better.

Shannon said...

ohhh that looks good... i haven't had that before and I have had a lot of different hispanic foods... hope ya feel better soon!

Lisa said...

That loooks amazing! MMMM

I know you like to eat (as do I) and the Disney Dining plan would be great for you guys on your new trip! Pete and I picked out all kinds of yummy places to eat!

Anonymous said...

You would have had a very difficult time if you'd grown up with me. That's the type of food we had EVERYDAY. :)

Hope you feel better!

foodiechickie said...

True atleast we enjoy life Jess.

Thank you Shannon. It is really good.

Thanks for the tip Lisa.

Thanks Yvett. Definetly from High School I would.