Friday, September 08, 2006

I had this entry saved and didn't want to miss week six of Shannon's Bloggy Parade of Homes. This week's theme is bedrooms. Besides our living/dining room, kitchen and bathroom we have three extra rooms. One of them is our bedroom. The other two we use as individual offices. Although I check my mail in Niel's office or "man room." Anyway below are pics of our bedroom in is pretty much leaf themed and a light Sage color. My parents gave our bedroom set as a wedding gift. Have a good weekend everyone.

The first thing you notice is a little cubbie when you walk in. I put candle holders in them and on top a few flowers and photos. We also have glow in the dark stars on the walls that keep falling off after 5 years.

The ivy plants are now in the living room. Baby pictures of Niel and I hang there. The TV is still in the same spot. Above it are Mickey and Minnie wedding set. A wedding gift from the Squilky's.

That is our bed and mirror/drawer set. Next to it are our leaf curtains.

That is my side of the bed. Photos galore. And our non working AC.

That is Niel underneath our quilt. As you can see the mirror/drawer set is gone. It is infront of the bed and in its place is a little Ikea chair that Niel picked out. Makes the bed larger.


Mike said...

Thats funny how similar your bedroom set is to ours. You guys have great taste ;-). We even have the same Mickey and Minnie groom/bride. Ours are by the fireplace, but still :-).

Jesser said...

Cute bedroom. I love that little cubby.

J said...

Looks wonderful, great quilt!

foodiechickie said...

LOOL Mike!

Thanks Jess.

Thanks and welcome Julie.

Shannon said...

Your dresser looks just like ours!

foodiechickie said...

Heh heh. So they are.

Jessica said...

Cute! I like the quilt too! I'll have mine up tonight.