Friday, August 18, 2006

It's Bloggy Parade of Homes 2006 Week 3 and its dining rooms! I don't technically have a dining room. My dining table and chairs are also in my living room. When you first enter my living room its to your right. Niel picked out our dining set at Sears. It's a pretty light colored wood. With a nice design on top of the table. I keep it covered because I don't want the design to get mucky. The table cloth changes depending on the season. We have extra chairs(folding) in case we have a large crowd hidden in a closet. On top of the dining table and chairs is our wedding photo. The candle is a pretty permanent fixture on the table. It is apple cented and was givne to us by the Squilkys. It does change for Christmas, Easter and Halloween. I think the Squiky's gave those table top decorations as well. Behind the table is a photo we brought when we went to see the Munch exhibit at the MOMA. Niel really likes the photo. Next to it is our Ikea lamp to give the entire room more light. Anyway have a good weekend everyone.


Mike said...

thats a really cool idea. Its cool to see different houses, apartments, condos etc from around the country.

foodiechickie said...

Yeah it is pretty neat. I used to love watching those home remodeling shows and I guess this is sort of like that. Plus I am nosy.