Thursday, August 31, 2006

I love the BBC and I love food. Duh. So I was pleased to see the BBC had compiled a list of 50 foods one should eat in their life time. Of course the list is somewhat British influenced but I don't care. I like the Brits. I read through the list and was happy to see there were only 8 items I have not tried. I think most people have tried most of the foods on this list though. How many things have you eaten from the list? What are they and do you think you would want to to eat the rest of the items featured?

1. Fresh fish - In Sushi yes. I don't know what else they mean?
2. Lobster - It is awesome! Lobster thermedor. Lobster dipped in butter/garlic sauce. Delicous!
3. Steak - Well done please!
4. Thai food - One of my favorites
5. Chinese food - Authentic and take out I have eaten both
6. Ice cream - Haagen Daaz strawberry welcome to my belly.
7. Pizza - made it from scratch and eaten it at the pizza parlor
8. Crab - anothe shellfish favorite
9. Curry - Oooh curry how I love you!
10. Prawns - You look and taste like shrimp so yes I love you too.
11. Moreton Bay Bugs - Have no idea what this is.
12. Clam chowder - I like New England best.
13. Barbecues - Have tried many different kinds. Armenia, American, Korean.
14. Pancakes - Also tried many different kinds. Love blueberry the best and its cousin crepes.
15. Pasta -Fresh or store brought very good! My mom's spinach lasagna is to kill for!
16. Mussels - Mmmm this Italian restaurent makes them fantastic in marinara sauce. Heavy on garlic.
17. Cheesecake - cherry cheesecake is my favorite
18. Lamb - My favorite red meat. How did I go so long denying it???
19. Cream tea - never had it but sounds interesting.
20. Alligator - kind of chewy tasted like chicken. Had it years ago in a neighborhood next to my parents place.
21. Oysters - Have had yearly at a fair in Brooklyn for about ten years now.
22. Kangaroo - tried a few years ago at a birthday dinner. It's very good.
23. Chocolate - love it!!! It has to be mixed with nuts, caramel or nuget or mint though.
24. Sandwiches - all differnt kinds. Having it all week for dinner!
25. Greek - love my mom's Spinach pie!
26. Burgers - Just like my steak has to be cooked fully. Niel found these neat burgers with cheese and bacon in them. Mmmm.
27. Mexican food - have tried authentic and take out. Both yummy!
28. Squid - Calamari yes!!!
29. American diner breakfast - The best breakfast diner is in Albany!
30. Salmon - I like it smoked or in sushi
31. Venison - Hell to the no!
32. Guinea pig - See above
33. Shark - Tried it at a BBQ last Summer. Niel brought some.
34. Sushi - LOVE IT!!!!!
35. Paella - Yummmmmy!!!!
36. Barramundi - I don't know what it is.
37. Reindeer - No way! Not Rudolph!
38. Kebab - Grew up with it! Love it.
39. Scallops - Tried it not my favorite seafood.
40. Australian meat pie - Thank you Tuck Shop for letting me experience it!
41. Mango - Only the way Craig uses it in a dish.
42. Durian fruit - I don't know what it is.
43. Octopus - too chewy.
44. Ribs - love them!
45. Roast beef - my mom's is amazing
46. Tapas(appetizers)- My favorite on a menu!
47. Jerk chicken/pork - fantastico!
48. Haggis - When I go to scotland or find a Scottish restaurant I will try it.
49. Caviar - Tried it, not really a fan.
50. Cornish Pastry - Delicious. I have also tried other turnover type dishes such as: empanadas(Hispanic), samosas(Indian), Meat Patty(Jamaican/West Indies) pierogi (Polish), piroshkies (Eastern European), and calzones(Italian).


Shannon said...

What a cool list! I would never try haggis or guinea pigs. Ew! You're brave!

Mike said...

Wow, I've only eaten 20 things on that list. I guess since I dont eat seafood, it keeps my numbers down.

Jesser said...

Vair interesting. I've had all but a couple ... I just don't think I could eat guinea pig. But I'm game to try the rest I haven't had ... unless those bug things really are bugs?

Jessica said...

I think I've tried about 38 things on that list. I have eaten venison (deer meat)before and one that wasn't on the list- bear! Yes, I have tasted bear meat. A friend of my family gave us a roast. It was really gamey and very dark meat. Not my favorite at all! The durian fruit is the one that smells really bad. Ewww.

foodiechickie said...

I would never try guinea pig Shannon! Never. Blah.

What have you tried Mike? Maybe you'll like seafood someday?

I'm with you on the guinea pig thing too Jess. I hope they aren't bugs also.

38 things that is cool Jessica! What were they? My husband wants to try bear so badly. We sort of did but he wanted a steak and not cut up in a stew.

niel said...

These are the one's I haven't eaten. Isn't a Guinea pig, basically a large hamster, which is basically a cuddley tailless mouse? No thanks! I have a tatseless joke about #40, but that is more the humor of my blog.

11. Moreton Bay Bugs -no
19. Cream tea -no
32. Guinea pig -no
36. Barramundi -no
37. Reindeer -no
40. Australian meat pie -no
42. Durian fruit -no
48. Haggis- no
50. Cornish Pastry - no

foodiechickie said...


And thanks for listing your list of foods you have not and probably will not try.

Mike said...

I dont think I'll ever enjoy seafood. I dont like anything about it. The taste, the consistancy, the smell. I do eat certain types of fish, but definitely not shrimp or shell fish. I'll eat a tuna steak in a pinch, but its really not something I would go out of my way for. hehe I think I would eat a guinea pig before I ate a lobster, oyster or a prawn.

Pope Benedict XVI said...

I'm a little upset Giant clam isn't on the list, but I guess that counts as sushi.

foodiechickie said...

LOOOL Mike!!!!

I don't know how they missed that. LOL PB!