Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Here is another installment of pics around the city.

A photo exhibit a few blocks from my office. I thought this was an interesting piece.

Different kinds of eggplants at the Union Square farmers market.

Some game show they were filming attached to my building on Times Square.

A lady dressed as Marilyn Monroe outside Planet Hollywood.

A window display about Nachooooooooo Libre also at Planet Hollywood.

The Naked Cowboy-yep a guy in his undies playing a guitar in Times Square.

And of course there has to be a Naked Cowgirl also in Times Square. She had on hot pants and pasties

The Onion was shooting pictures of some actor as Osama across the street from my office. They had signs saying that was an actor in case someone wanted to harm him. Heh heh.

A guy with a snake promoting Snakes on a Plane at the Hardrock Cafe. Downstairs in my building.

There are several train stations with art on the walls. This one had a parrot. The train station at the Museum of Natural History.

The restaurant where You Got Mail
was filmed. Upper West Side.

A close up.

Pictures of the movie are on the outside of the restaurant.


Jesser said...

I am jealous! I lurve sooo much about Denver, and I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else, but I wish I could hop a plane for a trip to a nice big city like NYC a biiiit more often. ;) For instance, I'm quite mad to try out this Max Brenner place people are yakking about. Ah well ... such is life. ;) Thanks for sharing the pics!!

foodiechickie said...

I am sure there are tons of people who wish to visit Denver based on your lovely pics. I know what you mean though there are so many cities I would like to visit! Max Brenner is on my list of places to try though.

Jessica said...

I want to visit your city so much! I need to light a fire under Todd so we can go sometime. I have always wanted to visit.

foodiechickie said...

That would be a nice visit!!

Shannon said...

What cool stuff you get to see every day! Lucky girl!

foodiechickie said...

Sometimes I get lucky. :)

Lisanne said...

It's so cool that I've seen the Naked Cowboy! hehe :) And I saw "Marilyn," too, in front of Planet Hollywood when we were there. Yeah, you sure get to see a *lot* of amazing stuff on a daily basis ...