Friday, April 21, 2006

Shannon tagged me with a meme I have seen going around. Thanks Shannon. I have to list six weird things about myself. Just six? Hah!

1) I am a weirdo about certain foods. I love cherries fresh and in pie and cake but not in ice cream.

2) I will always order the same thing on the menu depending on what restaurant we go to.

3)This I admitted to Maryland Mommy I do as well. I too have the dishes washed and the bed made before I leave for work. It's not like if a burglar will come in and think to himself how tidy I am.

4)This I admitted to Victoria Winters I do as well. When I was a kid I used to count how many letters were in words. I don't know why I just did. Thankfully I grew out of it. Slight OCD. I know. Shut up.

5)I asked Niel for help(I figured he would know. lol.) and he says something I do he finds weird/funny when I see something on TV I think is ridiculous is I pause it(Thank God for DVR) and I say really loudly "HOLD ON. HOLD ON." Then I repeat the stupid thing I heard on TV. Niel usually starts to laugh after I am done.

6)I don't really like my food touching. Gravy on mashed potatoes is ok.

People I tag: Jessica, Jesser, Lisanne, Yvett, Squilky, and
Niel. Let me know if you plan on playing along by leaving a comment for me.

Song Stuck In My Head: The theme song to Hannah Montana

Craving: Less of a tummy ache.


Jessica said...

I'll do this today. I bet I have more than 6 things :)

foodiechickie said...

Cool! Me too but won't say;)

Jesser said...

Alright, I've posted. ;) I actually had a hard time coming up with six things about me that I think are a little weird. I'm sure others would do a better job ... hehe.

Hannah said...

I am the same way about the dishes, and laundry too.

Mike said...

I'm all kinds of weird, so this should be easy ;-).

1) I'm obsessed with arriving on time. I hate being late, and would rather arrive 20 minutes early, and sit and do nothing rather than feeling rushed and getting in a panic. And I always have to have a watch on (except when Im asleep).

2) Turning off lights. I follow Rachel around and turn off lights behind her. She comes into a room and feels the need to turn on every light possible. I don't like things super dark, but I don't like things really bright either. Rachel pointed this out last weekend after Eastern dinner. We were talking about quirks with my brother in laws parents.

3) Im a bit anal when it comes to iTunes. I like to have all my songs in order, all my artists names correct and the track names complete and correct.

4) Adjusting my car seat and mirrors. I move my seat and my mirrors alot. I always feel like Im gonna have a blind spot that I cant see and get in a wreck. so Im always adjusting my mirrors, especially the rear view.

5) Directionally challenged. I have a horrible sense of direction and remembering where things are. I can go to a place a dozen times, and still drive past it by accident the next time I go back because I forget where it is.
I also always forget where I park. I come out of a store and I have to click my remote so I can hear the horn honk so I know where my car is.

6) Napkin in my hand. This runs in my family. My mom and both my sisters do this too. When we eat, we always hold a crumpled up napkin in our non fork holding hand. But just paper napkins. Linen napkins stay on my lap, but I still ball my non fork holding hand in a fist as if Im holding a paper napkin.

7) This is just a bonus one. Obsessed with exercise. Not to the point where I am actually in great shape and spending hours at the gym, but I usually obsess with one type of exercise and make sure I do it every day. For a white it was chin up and pull ups. When I lived at home with my mom, I had a chinup bar in the doorway of my room. I did dozens of chinups and pullups every day. I have the caloused hands to prove it. My recent obsession is push ups. I do atleast 100 pushups a day, every day.

foodiechickie said...

Thanks for playing along Jess.

I think I will be too about laundry Hannah once I get a machine in my house.

I am the same way about arriving on time. I HATE when people do not or don't call. I think it is very rude. I do the same thing with the lights. I like to conserve energy and my bills. I like how you added a bonus one. LOL.

Shannon said...

I'm so with you on my food not touching.

foodiechickie said...


MarylandMommy said...

I love them all!!! I forgot that my food can't touch each other either!!!

Yvett said...

Yes, of course I'll play! This gives me a reason to blog!

Yvett said...

Yes, of course I'll play! This gives me a reason to blog!

foodiechickie said...

There are a lot of us MM.

Awesome Yvett.