Friday, April 14, 2006

Niel has his own list of things he wants to try. I don't know if it is a 101 list but none the less he was interested in trying Coke Blak. It pisses me off they spelled Blak incorrectly. Anyway we tried it and the verdict is. It was nice to try once but cannot see myself drinking it regularly. It reminded me of coffee candy which I enjoy from time to time but not in drink form. I'll stick to drinking coffee and coke separately thank you very much.

Coke Blak

Excited to try it

Smelling It

Taking a swig

Smelling it

Trying to determine the flavor


Mike said...

Does it taste like Manhattan Special? My sister loves that stuff. Im not a coffee drinker, so it doesnt really appeal to me.

We bought some of that new Dr. Pepper the other day. Its something like Raspberries and Cream. Havent tried it yet though.

Amanda said...

I love the faces you both made, that is priceless! Ha! Everyone has to try it at least once. But now I am not so sure :) Have a great holiday Ani & Niel!

Lisanne said...

I saw that in the store the other day and thought, "What???" I wanted to try some but figured that it had a *bunch* of caffeine ~ can't do that right now. I'm glad to hear your review ~ coffee candy, huh? Sounds intriguing. Maybe I can take just a sip sometime. I love trying new drinks!

foodiechickie said...

A Manhattan Special? Sorry Mike never tried one of those. Let us know when you taste the Dr. Pepper Rasberries and Cream. Man you guys have a good soda supermarket.

You too Amanda!!!

Yeah it really tastes like coffee candy Lisanne. My dad used to buy them for us. I doubt they really had coffee in them. Just flavoring. Buy it and hold on to it for a few months. I think the experation will be good for a while!

Shannon said...

The whole idea of coke and coffee creeps me out. I LOVE the AbFab chicks and am dying to see the new show! Thanks for the heads up!

Victoria Winters said...

Yeesh, just the look on your faces makes me want to skip it! ;)

Jessica said...

I saw some of that in the store the other day. I didn't buy it but I had heard about it. I did buy a diet dr. pepper berries and cream. It was OK, really sweet. Have a Happy Easter!

foodiechickie said...

No problem Shannon.

Send me your drinks VC and I will try them.

Yeah I don't know why they just don't let soda alone Jessica.

Happy Easter Everybody!

Valkyrie said...

Hmmm Coke Blak (yep the lack of C is also annoying me). I wonder if they'll bring it out to South Africa..? We got Cherry Coke for all of 5 minutes then people stopped buying it and they stopped making it here. The only 'flavoured' cokes that have lasted here are the Vanilla (LOVE IT)coke, and the Lemon flavoured diet coke.

foodiechickie said...

Hi Valkyrie. Hopefully since Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke and Lemon Coke were available in South Africa then Coke Blak will shortly be as well. Thanks for stopping by.