Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Besides markets to cater to the Polish and Irish immigrants that live in my neighborhood we also have an Italian market Iavarone Brothers which caters to the Italian-Americans in my neighborhood. There isn't a flock of Italians coming into my area but the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of Italian immigrants in Queens have for the most part stayed in the surround neighborhoods and Iavarone Brothers is a nice place that reminds them of their grandmother's kitchens. Iavarone Brothers also has a few other stores in the surrounding towns. The market is amazing. I needed to go in there to get some of the ingredients for my Pizza Rustica and lamb kebabs. Sure I could go to the supermarket but they don't have everything. I walk inside and a little part of me thinks this is what Italy must be like. Or at least in my imagination. The whiff of whatever the hot and cold bars have to offer hits me. Some antipasta salad or meatballs. The next sense that is made happy are my ears because over the speakers some Italian crooner is singing. As I keep walking around I smile as I look at how much they have to offer. Besides the hot and cold bars they have various cheeses(not just mozzarella, ricotta or provolone), cold cuts, seafood, meat, canned goods, produce, bread and frozen products. I tried their fresh ricotta. Totally different then what you find in the supermarket. It is very good. So if you find any specialty store take a look around. It is the yummiest way to learn about a country.

Fish/Seafood display

Cold/War Bar and Cold Cuts

Hanging Cheese

More Cheese

Italian Plums

Song Stuck In My Head: The Coca Cola song by Jack White


Mike said...

My mom always buys stuff for the antipasta she makes on holidays from Ivarone. They're fresh mozarella is great. It looks kind of gross the way they store it in those tubs of water, but man is it tasty and creamy. Their beef and pork braciole (SP?), is really good too.

And you're right, I don't think most of the specialty places in Queens cater to immigrants as much as they cater to people who just enjoy authentic ethnic foods.

Jesser said...

Wow. I'm like way jealous. We have a couple little markets, but nothing like the selection in NYC. I would love to have a bit more selection ... and be able to go somewhere that's new and differnt.

foodiechickie said...

Fresh mozarella is awesome Mike.

I am sure there has to be some stores like that in your area or maybe the larger cities in CO Jess?