Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why Weekends Are Good:

* Eager to spend time with my wonderful Niel. He is my refuge. Happy to share a story with him because he's my friend.
* Wearing Christmas gifts that make me feel lovely
* Eating yummy leftovers all weekend
* Waking up earily to accomplish many tasks


Jessica said...

Have a great weekend. I hope that you feel better. I slept all day yesterday! Not because I was sick but just plain exhausted :)
Take care!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Jessica. Glad you got some rest. You probably have to work this weekend. I went home early Friday too.

davidjdowd said...

Ani you wake up early on the weekend?!?! That just seems wrong. I might have to revoke your weekend privileges.

foodiechickie said...

Yep sometimes. If I don't it will mess up my sleeping pattern the rest of the time.

Hannah said...

I wish I was in the habit of getting up early on weekends. I always sleep late, especially since getting pregnant. Soon, those days will be over though!

Glad you are enjoying quality time with your hubby! :-)

I'm still loving your hot chocolate picture. Makes me want some.

foodiechickie said...

Sleeping late is nice too Hannah.