Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jess tagged me with this four meme that has been circulating.

4 Jobs in my Life
All 4 have been in sales

4 Films I could see a million times
So many to choose. This is difficult.
Never ending Story
Princess Bride

4 Places I lived
Yerevan Armenia
Various New York counties and boroughs

4 TV Series I really like to watch
Gilmore Girls
The Office(American version)
My Name is Earl

4 Places I've spent my holidays
Seattle, Washington
Victoria, B.C.
Disney World
Lake George, New York

4 Favorite Foods
Anything cheesy
Anything from my childhood

4 Websites I visit every day
My own
My husbands
My links

4 Places I’d love to be right now (instead of *here*)
Anywhere with Niel
At home
At the movies
A trip to Europe

4 People who should do this
Niel and whoever else wants to

For Yvett . First 10 songs on my Ipod Shuffle.

Yesterday - The Beatles

Catch My Fall - Billy Idol

Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground - White Stripes

Just Like Heaven - The Cure

Gossip Folks - Missy Elliot

Aerials - System of A Down

Stand By Your Man - Dixie Chicks

Synthesizer - Electric Six

Sweetest Thing - U2

Also keep forgetting to mention with everything going on but All Things Girl February edition is out.

Song Stuck In My Head: "I Want To Go Home" by Ryan Adams
Craving: Melted snow


Yvett said...

:) I'm glad I'm not the only Rick Astley fan!

foodiechickie said...

Oh thank the lord there's more RA fans out there! I love that voice!