Thursday, November 10, 2005

I found a list of the "20 healthiest foods you can eat" by Rosemary Stanton on Loobyly's blog and thought I should share. It is originally from The Age magazine. My comments are in bold.

1. Avocado - vitamin E, B6, panthothenic acid and of course EFAs. (I've recently aquired a taste for them. I hated the taste for so long(except for Guacamole) but now will buy them to put in our salads).
2. Berries - Vitamin C, fibre (the little seeds you don't notice you're eating), vitamin E, folate, antioxidants. (Love berries. Can eat loads of them. Need to buy more of them and not just grapes. It's just that grapes are cheaper.)
3. Rosemary - anti-clotting properties, antioxidants and anti-cancer properties as well. Plus, as Hamlet knew, it's good for your memory. (I use this in pasta sauces and in marinades).
4. Oysters - Zinc (a dozen contains about 10 times as much as a biggish steak), iron and iodine. (I love seafood. And use it for meals. I should cook with seafood and fish more in general though. I usually enjoy oyster raw though. A bit of lemon squirted on and hot sauce and yum yum yum. We usually eat it with My MIL at one of the Italian fairs.).
5. Garlic - helps control blood pressure and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of cancer. (Love garlic. Practically use it in every meal).
6. Asian greens - fibre, Victamin C, beta carotene, folate, antioxidants. Some also have quite a bit of calcium. (I'm only discovering Asian Greens now).
7. Tomatoes - vitamin C and lycopene (good for all sorts of stuff, including prostate health). (We eat these every day in salads).
8. Nuts - protein, fibre, zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin E, most of the B vitamins, EFAs and arginine. Seem to lower blood cholesterol too. (I used to love nuts a lot more when I was little. It was always in our house. My favorites are Almonds, Peanut butter, Tahini(yes a nut based), and Brazil nuts. I also use pine nuts in pesto. Mmm pesto. And pistachio ice cream. I know the last one doesn't really count. I have to get to buying some for my own house. They are a healthy and good snack.)
9. Broccoli - Vitamins C, E, folate and beta carotene, potassium, iron, fibre. Plus sulphoraphane, which appears to protect against cancer. (I do love brocoli. Should buy it more. Even if I do put cheese on it.)
10. Oats - protects against heart disease, full of soluble fibre, and also helps protect against bowel cancer. (I do like oatmeal. Definetly need to buy this more.)
11. Oranges - vitamin C, beta carotene, bioflavonoids. (Niel loves oranges. I love mandarin oranges. I should buy them more).
12.Extra virgin olive oil - helps reduce blood pressure and prevent blood clots. Also has 35 antioxidants. (We use this every day in all our cooking).
13. Wheatgerm - Vitamin E, most of the Bs, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, potassium and EFAs. Protects against heart diease, diabetes and some cancers.(I don't buy this but I should).
14. Muesli - not the fatty commercial ones, you need to preferably make your own. Contains protein, vitamins, minerals, EFAs and fibre. (I've been curious about purchasing the ceral that has this).
15. Chickpeas - protein, EFAs, fibre, vitamin E, all the Bs except B12, iron, zinc and calcium. And if oyu sprout them you get vitamin C too. (Mmmm Hummus and good in salads).
16. Salmon - Omega-3s, protein, iodine. (Niel loves salmon cooked while I enjoy it smoked. Need to eat more seafood).
17. Sourdough bread - it has to be the real thing though, not the ones with sourdough flavouring. (I've never tried but I have to. How does one ask which is the real thing though and get an honest answer?)
18. Mangoes - vitamins A, C, folate and fibre, antioxidants(Niel loves this and so does my family. I only like it in the fruit version of Ceviche. That is the only way I will eat it.).
19. Tofu - protein, B vitamins, potassium, iron and calcium, plus isoflavones. Protects against heart disease and possibly some cancers. (I loooooooove tofu!! I eat it any chance I can. Have to find a way to feed it to Niel without him wanting to puke:) ).
20. Yoghurt - must contain live bacteria. Good source of calcium, protein, possibly prevents food poisoning bacteria or cancer cells getting a toehold. (Ooooooh how I adore Yogurt. Blueberry and Strawberry are my favorites. It was a treat for us to get it when I was younger. I need to buy more. Niel likes plain yogurt with garlic on our chicken dumpling soup. My mom can make it from scratch).

And a big thank you to Lisanne for mailing me these goodies! Cobbler mix and mulling spices! Perfect for Fall!!


Mike said...

What!!! Cheese doodles didn't make the list? My guess is that they finished 11th.

foodiechickie said...

Haaa! You mean 21 right?

Christina said...

Wonder what the good properties of sourdough are?

foodiechickie said...

Me too!