Monday, August 22, 2005

Our weekend started Thursday night really. Even though I worked Friday it was nice going out after work during the work week. And we don't go out very often after work so it was a nice change and not very tiring. So Thursday night Niel and I went to see a free jazz concert in the town next to my parents neighborhood. Afterwards we had a nice dinner at Johnny Rockets.

Buying food last week was a treat although a big hit on the wallet while the fridge in my office was getting replaced. I went to West 46th street every day. Otherwise known as Little Brazil besides great Brazilian restaurants there are a plethora of other options. Such as Japanese, Spanish, Mediterranean, and Indian.

But Wednesday I went to the Sushi from a place a few blocks down from my office since I was on deadline instead of walking up to West 46th. As I was on line waiting to pay for my meal, I began to eavesdrop on a conversation behind me. Yes I know bad to do so. These two men were talking about the location the Sushi place is used to be a coffee shop and unfortunately they closed down. Apparently it was a coffee shop they frequented often. The next thing out of their mouths pissed me off. One of them said "My they have an operation they've got here. Do you think you have to speak Chinese to pay for your food." The owners were actually Japanese. Did he think the 75 other customers in the restaurant spoke Chinese in order to pay for their food! YOU MORON! I bet they thought that all Asians speak the same language. Which to them is Chinese. Ass. So I turned around and said "Actually they speak Japanese and they also speak English you racist" And I left.

Hello do they not know this is America? Home of the Statue of Liberty. You know the extremely tall metal lady that welcomed immigrants such as those racist piece of poop's grandparents and great grandparents. And whatever Caucasian country their ancestors come from did not know English right off the bad. They had to learn just as the employees of the Sushi place. Does he think I can go up to any Caucasian person and speak English and they will understand me? There are plenty of Caucasians in American that speak another language besides English. But I guess he rather have his head stuck up his ass.

And the online version of Trivial Pursuits finally came in. Niel had ordered it after we had so much funny playing it at Dave and Holly's place. I'm addicted to it. I found the questions a lot easier though than the board version.

Friday night we saw The Forty Year Old Virgin. We LOVE Steve Carell from his time on The Daily Show, The Office, Bruce Almighty, and Anchorman. The movie was really funny and sweet although a little long. The theater was packed. I know it would be because it was the opening weekend, plus a Friday night. We were sitting infront of these teens who would not shut up and trust me I told them to shut up plenty. They were repeating ALL the lines and laughing. I don't care about the laughing. But why do you have to repeat all the freaking lines?
Then they started to throw empty bottles at one another. One of the bottle hit us. So I took the bottle and threw it back and then yelled at them. I must be such a masochist for going to the movies on a Friday night.

Saturday we attempted to go to the
Museum of Natural History
to see the new dinosaur exhibit, but the lines were still way too long. So we went to China town which we had planned on going anyway afterwards. We ate some delicious Dim Sum at Dim Sum Go Go and walked around a bit. And then we went to Pearl River. A very cool Asian department store. They have clothes, home and kitchen items, gadgets, etc. Basically everything! We purchased a few things for us and for Christmas. I try to shop early and plan on going back. Afterwards we went kite flying. Haven't done that in a bit and it was fun.

Sunday Niel and I painted my parents Sun/Florida Room. They're on vacation and I thought it would be a nice surprise for them. I thought we did a pretty good job.
Like when Niel and I cleaned up my mother in laws garden a bit and also when Niel painted her kitchen ceiling.

After we came home Niel put together our Robo Maid. It's an electric sweeper. You set it for a specific amount of time and goes round and round the room collecting dust bunnies. This gadget is pretty thorough. Niel really enjoys it. Maybe I'll get a Roomba for Christmas since that sucks up larger particles than the Robo Maid does. A little help doesn't hurt. We also watched Cat Woman on cable and ate a yummy lamb curry I made for dinner. Cat Woman was pretty bad but not the worst movie I have ever seen. I guess that was because we saw it for free. But watching From Ape to Man on the History channel made up for any brain cells lost watching Cat Woman. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!! Here are some pics.

Oooh and I really want to see The Brothers Grimm!

Song Stuck In My Head: "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash


Yvett said...

I was watching a segment on The Today Show this morning about why people are staying away from the movies. One of the reasons was the rude audience. People complain about other people talking and just overall rudeness. I can't believe they were throwing bottles. I hate when people's phones start ringing or when they take babies to a movie that is not for kids.
Anyway, glad you had a good weekend.

Giao said...

I totally avoid Friday openings. Even when Monkey and I are really hankering to see a new movie, we don't go on opening weekend, and we usually hit Sunday evening showings (esp. nice when kids are back in school). I am really looking forward to shopping at Pearl River someday in the not too distant future!

foodiechickie said...

That is very interesting that movie sales are low Yvett. I am not surprised. People pay so much already why have rude people ruin a nice evening out?

We usually do Giao. I don't know what possesed us! Hope you get to go to Pearl River too!

curlygirl said...

I hate going to the movies on friday nights not to mention opening night. I almost always wait a couple of weeks before I go see a movie. It stinks to have to wait but its definitely worth it.

foodiechickie said...

Yeah this may teach me a lesson.

Jessica said...

Hi Ani! I love Pearl River's Web site. I'm sure I would love their store! Sorry about the movie. It's terrible to pay and then have it ruined like that. Have a good one!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Jessica! Hope you and your family are having fun on vacation!!!