Thursday, June 16, 2005

This post is for Tammy:)

I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of a collector. And posted about my Nesting dolls dolls(we had one in my home when I was younger) in my November 4, 2004 post, and most recently my Egghead collection in my October 26, 2004 post.

Today's post is about my pen collection. They are all different shapes and sizes.

Niel gave me a Peep pen for Easter because I love Peeps. The Peep pen reminds me of popping those smooshy piles of pure sugar in my mouth during the holidays.

The Minnie Wedding pen Niel got for me during our honeymoon. It takes me back to that time. Even though during most of it I had sever food poisoning.

The Tinkerbell pen we brought on our most recent Disney adventure. Tink is my favorite Disney character.

The green wavy pen I enjoy the feel of. I like twirling it between my fingers. I think I brought it at drug store.

The Choco Cat pens were also gifts from Niel. He knows my love of Choco.

The grasshopper pen punches and is also from Niel. He thought I'd get a kick out the purple puncher. And I do.

The pink pen next to it has a bubble gum fragrance to it. And came home with the grasshopper.

The celestial pen I purchased from some greeting store. I've always had a thing for the sun, moon and stars.

The flowery pen was from Leslie and is just so cheery.

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What do you collect?

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Yvett said...

I collect Hello Kitty stuff, stationery, journals, and yes pens. I have the Peeps one in pink! I am like a pen freak but will only write with one until the ink runs out.

foodiechickie said...


Jesser said...

What do I collect? Hmmm... lotsa stuff. Pens are a big one for me too. Bags as well. I LOVE bags. I also sorta collect fonts. I've got tons of them here and there, ones that I don't use, but I save anyhow.. :)

foodiechickie said...


laura said...

I used to collect Beanie Baby birds - only the birds, though! Now I collect cookbooks ...

foodiechickie said...

Yes an obsession for me as well. LOL.

Tammy said...

Ooh! I _so_ know what I'm sending you now.

Very cool pens!

foodiechickie said...

:) Your kitties were pretty too! But really just wanted to help!