Thursday, June 09, 2005

Last Wednesday after work my friend Isabel and I continued our eating through New York get togethers. This time we tried The Delta Grill on 9th Avenue. Another coworker had recommended the place to me. Isabel and I both tried the Fried Cheese Grits smothered in chicken Creole and for our side dishes we ordered Fried Sweet Potatoes and Hushpuppies. The grits weren't cheesy enough for me. But I'm a big cheese lover. And I've had better Hushpuppies at Bubba Gump Shrimp. The ones at Delta were dry and not very flavorful. Bubba Gump Shrimp's are moist, and have cheese and seafood in it. Delta seemed to be more focused on ambiance(string lights and Americana decor) and food presentation(like a painting on your plate) rather than the taste of the food. Which is surprising because 9th Avenue has really stupendous eateries. It's too bad because I would have gone back to try their Fried Green Tomatoes, Deep Fried Shrimp Po' Boys and Muffuletta.

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Pic from Delta website

Please also take a look at the newest wreathe I made.

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Jesser said...

Damn! That place looks like it was ripped straight out of New Orleans. Too bad the food wasn't better. If you're ever in Nashville, you must head to Monnells. Family style southern food. YUM!

Giao said...

Cute wreaths! Sorry to hear the restaurant wasn't as good as hoped for! That is always a bummer.

Now, RYC, what?!?!?! Tell me it isn't so. Why did they cancel DLM? Tell me more. I need details!!

foodiechickie said...

It probably was trying to be and other people may like. It was just me. Thanks for the tip about the restuarant in Nashville!

Thanks Giao! Good luck on the house hunting! I have no idea why Dead Like Me was cancelled. Believe it or not I read about its cancellation on CNN. I'm still bummed. I hope Showtime reconsiders.

Shannon said...

This is way off topic but needs to be said. Ani, you are about the sweetest person I've ever even heard of. I'll be surfing around blogs and stumble across entries all the time about "Oh look what Ani sent me", or "Ani sent the sweetest card/note/etc". I hope you realize that your gestures mean the world to people, me included.

foodiechickie said...

Really me? Why thank you! That means a lot! I enjoy reading your bloggy too! Can't wait for you to bring home your daughter and hear cute stories about her and parenting. Hope you have a great weekend!