Friday, March 11, 2005

Another Friday Forum brought to you by Bathtub Junkie. Play if you wish and have a great weekend!

1) How is your master bedroom decorated? (Tell us about the wall
color, your bedding, wall hangings, what type of furniture you have,
etc.) How did you decide on your bedroom decor? (Feel free to share a
photo with us if you'd like.)The bedroom color is a sage green. That was the color the bedroom when we decided to rent the apartment. We were not allowed to repaint so that is the color it stayed. I like sage green so it is ok with me. The bedroom furniture was a wedding gift from my parents. There is a queen bed, a dresser with mirror and two night tables. They are all a medium nice brown with a bit of a wave pattern on them. There is also a nook when you first enter that we hold tzchaki's. There is also one bedroom with a sheer curtain with leaves on it and a Ikea tan chair and a tv across from it. Next to our bed is a closet. Can't wait to have a place we own and can paint!

2) What size bed do you have? It's a Queen bed. Is it a waterbed or a regular bed? It's a regular bed. Do you prefer lots and lots of pillows, or do you have just a few? We only have a few. The less pillow is supposedly more comfortable for a person's neck. What's lurking underneath your bed? Probably dust bunnies. Do you have anything at the foot of your bed? Our dresser.

3) Do you normally fall asleep quickly, or does it take you a while? I fall asleep pretty quickly. Do you like to fall asleep to some kind of background noise, or do
you prefer an absolutely quiet room? I can fall asleep to either. How did you sleep last night? I feel asleep watching Whose Line. Do you prefer a completely dark room or some kind of nightlight? Dark room.

4) Do you have any pets who sleep with you? No. Do you find that you move
around a lot during the night, or do you tend to sleep in the same
spot? I move around a lot. Do you have a preferred position for sleeping (i.e., on your stomach, on your left side, on your back)? I prefer the stomach but somethings get in the way.

5) Would you say that your bedroom closet, dresser, etc. are
organized? Usually. Do you fold/hang up your clothes in any certain
order/system? Yes. Do you have anything other than clothes and shoes in
your bedroom closet? No. (Feel free to snap a picture if you'd like!)


Shannon said...

Wow! What a fabulous wedding gift! You should post pics of your room! I know we'd all love to see. Or maybe it's just me, but I love to see where people live!

foodiechickie said...

Hi Shanny. Yes it was very generous. It's on my Yahoo photos page.