Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Post Office has a special program where people can purchase phone cards for soldiers. So they are able to call their loved ones. Isn't that a nice idea!

I read in the Metro yesterday about a mother of three in Sri Lanka that was only able to take two of her three children to safety when the Tsunami hit. Imagine having to decide that! She figured her oldest who was only seven could run and did not need to be carried. Well the little boy did not run. He just hid in the family's home. But the family dog nudged the boy all the way to higher ground and saved both of their lives. What a wonderful dog!

There also have been reports about parents who lost children during the Tsunami are taking children who lost their parents. Some organizations are making sure that this runs smoothly. Good luck to them!

Editor update:
sent me a link to how some people are stealing these children for the black market. Disgusting!!!

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