Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year's Eve was nice and relaxing. Niel, and I ordered some Chinese food and waited for his mom to come by. We just ate and hung out. Niel's brother and Erin came by a bit later and we all watched the ball drop. I called my parents who were at another relatives house and wished them a Happy New Year. I think next year I will take a cue from Lisa and Laura and have a surf and turf dinner. It sounds like fun.

For a year now Niel has been talking about going into the waters of Coney Island with the polar bear club. His brother decided it was a fun idea and joined him. So the next day Niel, me, Mike and Erin head to Brooklyn. Erin and I just document the event and went along for support. The weather was beautiful. After getting to a bit of a late start we end up looking for a parking spot for quite a while. We finally found one and head towards the beach. Coney Island was of course packed with people enjoying the weather, walking on the boardwalk, having some lunch and also with people who wanted to jump into the water. We even saw this creepy guy in a thong. Niel ended up walking back to the car in his bathrobe. It was a lot of fun and I am glad Niel put his mind to something and did it! We were both apprehensive but prepared. There is talks of more wackiness. You'll hear about it when it happens. I wanted to get a hot dog from the original Nathan's but they appeared to be closed for Winter. Maybe when the weather gets nicer Niel and I will take a walk on the board walk since we already have been to the aquarium there. Here are pics of the event.

The next day we saw Blade Trinity I liked it. I knew I wasn't going in there to see and epic or anything so I was pretty prepared for some bad lines and acting. I thought Parker Posey was the worst. Triple H a wrestler from the WWE was also in the movie. I was pretty surprised at how many scenes he was in, considering this is his acting debut. Ryan Reynolds(a Canadian hottie and soon to be married to Miss Alannis Morisette) really stole the film. He is so funny and really made crappy material awesome!

Sunday I spent doing some cleaning and putting away laundry. Niel and I also managed to finish the guest room. For the longest time it was just that, a guest room. It had a bed in it and everything. But since we never had a guest that needed to sleep over, it ended up being a place to store laundry. Niel decided it should be a place for me to craft since I have been using the dining room and coffee tables. So we put the bed against the wall, vacumed and put back together my computer desk. (Thank goodness I did not throw it away) and used the mattress as a shelf. I brought these cute inexpensive bins I saw on Shannon's site from Ikea to store my fabrics, sewing supplies, craft supplies, wreaths, frames and other assorted items. Now I have a place to store and use my sewing machine that Niel gave me as one of my Christmas gifts! Very thoughtful of Niel. He also did a ton of purging, cleaned up his closet and "man" room and an accomplished assorted other projects in the apartment during his break. And it was all his own idea. I am very proud and impressed!

As I told Lady Gypsy Saturday Niel and I are going to have family over to celebrate Orthodox Christmas and Three Kings Day. Even though both those holidays are on the 6th. I wanted to wait till we have kids to celebrate them officially so they can know about both sects of their religion. But I figure why not celebrate it now? It extends Christmas, which I am bummed is over.


Lisa said...

What a productive full weekend you had! When I read you site it took me by surprise. My sister's name is Laura and I am so used to seeing Lisa & Laura together....LOL

foodiechickie said...

Yeah sometimes we do:) Yeah I thought mentioning both names might accidently stump ya.

Leslie said...

That daredevil Neil!

Almost forgot -- thanks so much for the card! :) So sweet!

foodiechickie said...


LadyGypsy said...

You know...we could have just swapped my empty but tidy room for your already furnished guest room. Would have saved us all some work. ;)

foodiechickie said...