Monday, January 24, 2005

As most know by now NYC and most of the North East and Mid West got a foot of snow and in some parts three feet. And only a little bit in the Mid Atlantic. Yeesh. It pretty much disable any plans we had for leaving the apartment. It was cold, windy and difficult to move around in. Niel and I were going to see Jennifer and Renzo on Saturday so I could give her little baby her surprise gift which I had been working on a for a while. That was going to be my original post for today. But alas it might be for Friday. And on Sunday we were going to pay my parents a visit. That did not come into fruition either. But things could be worse weather wise and they are for some parts of the country and the world.

It was kind of cozy being holed up in our little home with nothing to do. We caught up on some shows, did some cleaning, I did some knitting and Niel did some reading for work, ate chili and some nachos, and Niel played with his candles. He loves melting the wax and putting wicks into candle holders and forming new candles. I think he might get to do the candle part of my little business. Heh heh.

I also got to try a lovely new recipe from a new blog I stumbled on. I am enjoying Lisanne's blog. I did change a few things in the recipe. Which is funny because she also changed a few things also from where she originally got the recipe. I used whole wheat noodles, ground turkey instead of beef, I added Mexi Corn, and more chiles and used Sazon instead of salt and pepper.

On Sunday morning we braved the weather to go out and clean the car. The street looked like it had been cleared a bit. Don't know if by salt trucks or just neighbors. And a neighbor who had a snow blower cleaned the sidewalk. Which was nice of him. I am considering giving him a muffin basket to thank him. Here are pics of our snowed in weekend.

Goodbye Johnny you'll be missed.

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