Thursday, December 16, 2004

Today's post will be about animals.

As most of you have heard Pale Male has been on the news a lot lately. He is a red tailed hawk who made his home on a fifth avenue building across from the Met, along with his partner Lola. There home was recently destroyed and then rebuilt. The board of the building felt that he was a nuisance and unsanitary. Residence of the building would find pigeon parts and feces in front of the building. A story broke out that Paula Zahn's husband is the president of the board. Zahn and her family were also allegedly harassed by one of the animal rights activist named Lincoln Karim (who works for the AP) that were campaigning outside the building. The story gets even weirder. Mary Tyler Moore lives in the same building and also campaigned to get Pale Male's home restored. Moore is now trying to find an attorney to represent Karim who was arrested. Pale Male is a NY institution and although I can see the residents point of view I thought it was a bit harsh to destroy the hawks' home. And who is to say now that the rebuilt nest will even be inhabited by them. I hope they do.

Barney is the Bush family's Scottie dog. And for the second year in a row a camera follows Buddy around. It's called Barney Cam. This year he is looking for his new "sister" Miss Beasley. I find the dog and the story cute and all but don't you think there are a bit more imporant things the White House should be worried about?

I also want to share two remarkable stories about dogs saving their owners. The first story was reported in Metro New York. A man was hunting on a cold day with his two dogs when he suffered a mild heart attack. It was getting dark and the dogs huddled next to their owner to keep him and themselves warm. The next day one of the dogs goes and finds somebody and their owner was saved. Amazing right?
The second story I read about in In Touch magazine and was about a dog who dialed 0 and saved her owner's life. Her owner is an epileptic and had a seizure. The dog kept dialing zero until one of the operators traced the call and sent an ambulance to the home. The woman was saved and I think the dog received some type of medal. I wish I could remember what city this happened in.


Anonymous said...

OMG I feel like such a dork. I only thought that Pale Male was that bird that keeps appearing on Conan O'Brien playing with the band. I had no idea.

foodiechickie said...

Who this?