Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Random stuff floating around in my head today.

My friend Jennifer emailed me a link to a site with pictures of some soldiers. It's a side of this war we don't see. Whatever our feelings about the matter those men and women over there are protecting us.

I found this interesting link on Not Martha's site. It is a list of corporations and who gave to what political party.

I cleaned the fridge Monday night. It was therapeutic to purge items we were not using and were just causing clutter.

Niel's brother Mike asked if we had seen the John Mayer show on VH1. We had not and he recommend we should. I only like one song of his "Bigger Than My Body". We ended watching the show last night and oh my gosh John Meyer is a funny, funny guy. He is funny not in a Dana Carvey goofy way, or people who think they are being funny but are just making snide comments way; John Mayer is funny in a smart way. He is also a cutie. I loved when he dressed up as a bear and told unsuspecting concert goers to leave their vehicle so he could search for honey. Actually some of the things he does or gets other people to do make me think he is a bit bored on tour.

Thank you to those who purchased from Ala Ani Crafts. If anyone else would like any items before Christmas let me know.


alexis said...

Oooh, I love me some John Mayer. I saw him in concert this summer for the first time and he was so awesome. I'll have to look for that show!

foodiechickie said...

He is one funny dude!

Shannon said...

Ooh- I love John Mayer- I'm going to have to watch that show! Thanks for the info! You're so good to be so organized with your frames for Christmas. I wanted to get some jewelry out there to sell before Christmas, but time's just flying by!

foodiechickie said...

Glad to help and thank you! But there is plenty more things I need to do. I am hard on myself.