Friday, December 10, 2004

Loobylu started I believe in November an online craft project called A Month Of Softies. A slew of people submitted their projects which were elephants. Very cute elephants. I thought the project was for knitters only and since I am currently working on two knitting projects I was a bit too busy. But the project is for people who can sew as well. I don't have a sewing machine yet and even though my mom is an awesome tailor I can't sew too well yet, so to make a long story short I did not participate.

I did purchase a very lovely elephant which Niel and I have named Alistair. After Ali G, whose character's full name is Alistair Leslie Graham. I brought Alistair from the talented Stephanie at Galactic Hero. I think the softies program, Gifty and Secret Santa are all good way to meet people and people can showcase their work.

Softie Elephant Posted by Hello


Stephanie said...

Yeah! I'm so glad to hear he made it to his ne home safely!

foodiechickie said...

He is too cute!