Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I wanted to share a picture of the labels my hubby, made to put on gifts he brought for his coworkers. Pretty crafty eh?

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Also here is a link to charitable organizations you can send donations, to assist the people who have suffered in the trajedy in the Indian Ocean.

Only Jerry Orbach could put Baby in the corner.


Jes said...

Hi Ani! Thanks for coming over...I love new "Crafty Gals"!

When I read your bio...I can so relate to traveling to a new place and then wanting to move there. I'm freakin' horrible like that! My girlfriend and I went to Quebec city last fall....and I could just picture myself in a beret and long black coat ...wondering the city, painting, taking photos and drinking wine. (What a dork I am!) The problem is, picturing my husband in that place, and NO, definetly not!

Anyhoo...I have a tendancy to blather on....SORRY! Come back a nd visit again, and the next time I post I'll give you a big WELCOME!

I went over and said Hi to your Hubby, and he is quite funny! I wish I would've met you two during the world series, but then again, maybe it's a good thing we didn't!

niel said...

Hi Jes! Thanks for visiting. Yes I do plan on stopping back by. I am so glad someone else knows my love of traveling and my insanity for wanting to move there. My husband also would never move to most of the places I would love to move to. Thanks he is very funny. He is actually a big time Met fan and has no problem with the Sox. He hates the Yanks as much as the Sox do:)

foodiechickie said...

Sorry that was me.