Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I read on a new blog I found recently how the blogger likes to make plans to have something to look forward to and I find that true for myself as well. I like to see my calendar full. With dates to visit family or friends, to see a movie, a trip or the holidays.

Anyway the part I am enjoying about the holidays is stuffing myself with chestnuts and pomegranates and I am looking forward to New Year's Eve and planning my menu for that evening. I am also trying to think of what dessert to bring to our families homes for Christmas. My mind is usually racing all over the place with thoughts of planning ahead and right now its about that menu. I have to focus on a full calendar, or cooking or crafts, otherwise I could become consumed with all the negativity around. Such as in the news, and just other crap that I don't want to bore anyone with. Because in the grand scheme of things sometimes the little bits of crap are so not worth mentioning and chestnuts and pomegranates and yummy foods are. I have not finalized my New Year's Eve menu yet but I do want to share with you some other lovely dishes:

Fettuccini Alfredo (I used whole wheat noodles and cream. I also used half the amount of sauce as the recipe said to do. I heard somewhere that in Italy pasta sauce is used sparingly).

I have also taken out the crock-pot from its slumber underneath the sink. I have cooked so far three scrummy dishes: Curried Chicken, Italian Pot Roast, and Pulled Pork. It’s nice coming home and having dinner waiting for me instead of the opposite.

This is a pretty good recipe for Stromboli. I am sure veggies would be lovely in this too. I brought whole wheat dough from Whole Foods. The picture below sort of looks like the Prosciutto Bread that my coworker gave me.

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Last Night Niel and I watched the Ali G Indahouse movie. It was hysterical. I first knew of Sasha Baron "Ali G" Cohen from Madonna's "Music" video. I thought he was very funny. And I was pretty happy to see HBO air his t.v. show. Then I watched the show and I didn't find it all too funny but I couldn't stop laughing at this movie last night. Of course it was full of bathroom humor and vulgarity but for some reason I lauged and laughed.

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