Monday, November 15, 2004

This weekend was all about firsts. Niel and I decided we wanted to purchase a Turducken for this Thanksgiving since we have been hosting the holiday at our home. This is our first time at trying another type of meat besides our traditional turkey which was very tasty. But we wanted to try something different. We thought we had found something at Stew Leonard's but unfortunately they did not have Turduckens. But they had Capos. Anyone know what a Capo is? We just have to keep trying. However we did see the first snow of the season when we were in Westchester and its only Nov. 13. What the heck! Stew Leonard's is a pretty neat market. Luckily some firemen were there doing their grocery shopping to help out an old man who passed out. It reminds me a lot of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. All natural is their motto. But Stew Leonard's is a bit wacky if not wackier than Trader Joe's. They have people walking around in chicken costumes. Singing statues. There was also a Costco and Home Depot next door to this location. Niel remarked how no one would ever need to shop anyplace else. I reminded him that people would probably need to purchase clothes so maybe an Old Navy would be nice also and maybe a Barnes and Nobles. And now to think of it a craft store would probably be a good thing too. We then went off to search for a wire or a wireless hookup for Niel so he can play Halo 2 with his buddies live. It's a nice thing for Niel because most of his friends have moved away and for him its almost like old times. Below is the picture of Niel in his Halo 2 stooper.

HALO2 PLAYING NIEL Posted by Hello

For lunch we had pizza at the California Pizza Kitchen. Man they make good pizza. We have passed by it a million times and never gone in for lunch. I thought that Saturday would be the day and it was oh so worth it. Niel had the Sicilian Pizza (its a meat lovers pizza) and I had the White Pizza with spinach. We also tried their Spinach and Artichoke Dip. It's my thing now to try all the artichoke dips I can. I prefer the Spinach and Artichoke Dip at Bubba Gump's because their flavors meld better together.
I also got to try a Gingerbread loaf for the first time and Pop rocks. I have had gingerbread cookies before but not gingerbread. It was a bit too gingery. The pop rocks were fun. It was like a party in my mouth until I hit the sour spot of the bag. Wow the taste of the sour apple was like a punch to the head.
We then went home so Niel could set up for the scouts pancake breakfast the next morning. It's a biannual event the scouts have to raise money. I baked some cupcakes for the sweets table. I need another weekend to recuperate from this one.

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davidjdowd said...

it snowed up here last firday for a while. not alot but enough to cover some car windows.

Also California Pizza Kitchen makes frozen pizzas that you can get at the grocery. I had the BBQ chickin a while back, it was pretty good.

foodiechickie said...

Yum! Good to know. Gotta look out for it. Thanks!

LadyGypsy said...

Two "holy moley" statements from me.

1) Holey Moley! Are those PEEPS on top of your cupcakes?
2) Holey Moley! My maiden name is "Dowd." Time to visit commenter 1's site. :)

Leslie said...

I have to echo LadyGypsy's comment, "Oh my Gawd! Are those Peeps?!" I am a FAN of Peeps. Have you ever tried the vanilla Peeps? Yum galore.

foodiechickie said...

Hey guys! Yes they are peeps! I put on the Christmas tree peeps. I love peeps too and I have seen the vanilla peeps but have never tried. I must try. For Halloween I also put on Ghost and cat peeps on my graveyard cake. Muhahahahahahahahhahahahaha.

Kim maybe you are related to that Dowd? He is one of my hubby's best friends. I think its a common name? Good luck.

alexis said...

I think I'm going into diabetic shock just looking at those cupcakes! That still doesn't stop me from wiping the drool from my face! LOL

foodiechickie said...