Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I finished reading two amazing books a while ago but there have been other things I wanted to post about that I did not get the chance till now. The books are Persepolis and Persepolis 2 by Marjane Satrapi. They are both autobiographical graphic novels and I went through them in a matter of days. Of course that partly had to do with they were just short but mostly because they were awesome. Persepolis is about young Marjane and her parents who lived in Iran and how their lives were modern and carefree. Then slowly a fundamentalist way of life began to take over and many changes occurred. Marjane's parents thought it was best to send her to Europe for her own growth and safety. Marjane is a bit of a straight shooter. Persepolis 2 is an account of Marjane's teenage years in Europe and after Europe. I very much urge everyone to go out and pick these two books up!

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LadyGypsy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ani! :)

foodiechickie said...

Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you also Kim!