Friday, October 29, 2004

Niel and I had lunch yesterday. We don't get to do that too often because we don't work close to one another and we normally brown bag. We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp. It was fun because our waiter quizzed us on facts about the movie(Forest Gump), there were two birthdays that day so the servers sang to them, I also spilled some water. It was a nice hour spent. I felt totally like a tourist.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Posted by Hello

Restaurant Posted by Hello

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Birthday singing Posted by Hello

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Table sign if you don't need your server Posted by Hello

Table sign if you do need your server Posted by Hello

The food was delicious. I have been there twice now and have not been dissapointed. I finally tried their Hot Artichoke dip and it was to die for. It was so cheesy! I also enjoyed their hush puppies. I usually do not like hush puppies but there's had bits of corn, cheese, shrimp, scallion and crab in it. Yum yum.

Our Appetizers of Chilled Shrimp, Asian Chicken Bites, Delicious hot artichoke dip, the best hush poppies and breaded shrimp and some nachos. Posted by Hello

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Later on we walked over to Jamba Juice . which opened up a midtown location a few months ago. Now only if an In And Out Burger, Sonic and a Jack In The Box would open up in NY. On the way we saw Ivory from the WWE shooting an episode. She was kind enough to let us take a picture of her.

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Jamba Juice was quite tasty. They have a lot of different flavors. I got a strawberry banana combination.
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