Thursday, October 28, 2004

Last night was a full lunar eclipse(the first in a world series game). Niel and I captured some of it on our digital. The next eclipse(half) will not be till March 8 2007 and the next full eclipse will not be till Feb. 21 2008.

The moon Posted by Hello

A little bit covered Posted by Hello

Almost covered Posted by Hello

Half way there Posted by Hello

All covered Posted by Hello

For a good shot of the moon red go visit Squilky's site.

Also the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series and they have not won a series since 1918 and 18 years to the day when the Mets beat them in a famous game. I guess the curse is finally over and the Babe has forgiven them. Maybe it had to do with the lunar eclipse, who knows?


Jesser said...

The moon was so pretty last night. Matt and I noticed it last night.

foodiechickie said...

I wish I saw it when it was red.