Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A little update on Niel's cholesterol. He was tested and the bad cholesterol is going down as well as his triglycerides and his good cholesterol is going up, plus he lost 20 lbs. We were really happy to hear that!!! Niel is on his way to being healthier! Wooo hoooo!!

My faith in humanity was some what restored when a cable person called to say they would be late for their appointment last Thursday. I thought this was a considerate thing to do especially since most cable repair people I have dealt with in the past have not done this. Lately I have had bad luck with the service industry i.e. car salesmen and dealing with Ebay so I was happy to deal with a nice person. I really am the type of person that appreciates the little things like pleases and thank yous, getting back to me in a timely fashion, calling if you'll be late. It's nice to know that some people also still care about these things.

I recently purchased some lovely book marks from the Rainy Daily Shop run by the nice Jessica at Rainy Sunday Daily. Go check out her blog and her products.


Jessica said...

thanks so much...such a lovely message!

Jessica said...

oh...and congrats to your husband for losing 20...that's is so friggen awesome.

foodiechickie said...

It's true! Thanks Jessica!