Monday, October 04, 2004

It was a very lovely weekend. Yay! Happy to be able to say that. Saturday evening we went to a Met Game. It was fan appreciation day so we did not have to pay. Woo hoo for saving. We had a good time, even though some bratty kids were blocking our way.
See pictures here.

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Sunday we celebrated my brother's birthday. He turned 28. It was a fun time and it was nice to see my brother and his sweet girlfriend Christine. My mom cooked rice with raisins, spinach, pine nuts with spices, a spinach dip with veggies, a salad with beets and pomegraten, a spinach and mushroom fritata, a spicey shrimp with veggie medley and my dad barbecued pork chops and a steak. For dessert we had sugar free strawberry jello and Christine brought a sweet potato pie. That was good. Here are some pics.
Niel took most of them.

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I offered to make the birthday cake. I think I will be taking a cake decorating class. It looks like a two year old designed it. I was trying to go for a paint brush with paint on the cake.

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I also made some banana bread out of some left over bananas. I put the mini loves into pretty Fall themed bags. I brought it over to give to my parents, brother and Christine.

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Giao said...

Sounds like a fab weekend! Yummy food, friends, and family, what more would you need!? I love fall. =)

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