Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Niel recently discovered that a neighbor a few doors down has been removing the weeds in front of our apartment building. I wonder if he is also the same guy that left the two mums in the front as well? I would think this would be the landlord's job?

Besides offering tennis lessons (which Niel & I will be taking) my old high school is also offering sewing classes, knitting classes, pottery classes and a cake decorating class. Unfortunetly they are at the same time as the tennis lesson. Hopefully they will still be available in the Spring so I can enroll in a couple of them. They charge a lot less then other places I have looked into. And hopefully by the end of this year I'll have my license and by next Summer I'll have my certificatication in party planning. I think it's better to have a degree rather than just going in nilly willy.

Sold another item on Ebay. I think Ebay is adding their own price for shipping though. Even though I add my own shipping price, which is lower than theirs. Hopefully I can find good homes for all the pieces I have inherited. I do feel very guilty for selling them(of course not so guilty that I don't sell them)because family memebers put thought in giving me these items. But they really are not my or Niel's taste.

Marc McGrath, frontman for Sugar Ray is now the new cohost for Extra. I guess no more Sugar Ray Albums?


Jesser said...

I love taking classes like that. It's always so much fun to learn new t hings.

foodiechickie said...

I do miss going to class. Some that is.

Leslie said...

That's great about the party planning idea, Ani! Good luck on that.

And have fun in the classes -- it's fun to take classes that interest you! Have fun!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Leslie.

Jessica said...

hi ani,
thanks for the lovely comments. i am selling the bookmarks for $4.50. the daisy one you like has 3 charms on, love, laugh (one of my faves).

oh, and, eBay is making me broke ... i just discovered all the great stuff out there. good luck with it.

foodiechickie said...

Good luck at the festival!