Friday, July 02, 2004

Yesterday was such a very busy work day for me. I was happy though because it made the day go by faster.

The sales department had a 8:30 am meeting.

Then I had an appointment with a client at 12:30.

The nice part was afterwards I got to walk around Columbia University. I love walking on campuses of different schools. The University of Pittsburgh also has a really nice campus.

Then the office had some cake and soda for a sales rep that is retiring.

Then we the sales staff went out to dinner to wish good luck to the retiring sales rep.

He had an impact on everyone in the office.

Can anyone confirm if Marlon Brando passed away?

Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend!


Pooka said...

Yep, Kurtz is dead...

niel said...

:( No more calling for Stella.

Anonymous said...

That was me. Sorry.