Thursday, July 01, 2004

I want to see Gloria Estefan in concert since I enjoy her music and this will be her last concert Too bad the concert is in Albany. I don't know if I love her enough to see her two hours away.

Thanks to Niel for getting me the new Cure album.

I saw on Entertainment Tonight last night that there will be yet another remake of Little House. The report said first there will be a series of TV movies and if they are Successful they will make a TV series out of it. I am curious to see it, but why mess with a classic?

I saw the following quote on a blog I occasionally read. I don't always agree with this person's views. And that is healthy. But I was thinking about what they posted. I don't think this is try but I also hope this does not happen because I would not deal with it.

"Then there are the online cliques. You know, groups of us whose names are always together. The thing is, people who are grouped together in this way, all start talking alike. Their personalities melt together. If one doesn;t talk the right way or has a disagreement with another one, the whole clique will ostracize that one person. You have to lie, watch what you say, be careful and kiss ass to remain in the cool kids group. "

Happy Canada Day to Canada!


niel said...

Its funny you used that quote, I was thinking that Blogging is so like High School on TV.

I want to be the mysterious loner.

curlygirl said...

I agree with you Ani, I wouldn't want to deal with that's so silly.
Oh by the way I saw Gloria Estefan a loooong time ago...she is really good, but two hrs away. huh? I don't know if I would go either.

Mike said...

I'm driving 3 hours to see Kiss, so whats 2 hours to see Gloria :-)

foodiechickie said...

Niel - I'm glad people can see my point of view. Not necessarily agree with it, but its like icing on cake if people do agree.

Curly - :) Maybe you convinced me to go see her in concert?

Mike - See you loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Kiss. I just looove Gloria. :)

Rachel said...

blog cliques? who knew? and how high school.

foodiechickie said...