Monday, May 10, 2004

For Mother's Day Niel and I hosted lunch for our mom's. We made and served a spinach casserole with a salad with Cheesecake for dessert.

It was the lightest pasta dish I ever ate and easy to make. I believe it is either a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern pasta dish.

I tried Tropicana's mixed berry smoothie. It was disgusting. It was overly sweet. I felt like I was drinking melted, chilled candy. I couldn't taste any yogurt or fruit in it at all! Blech

One of my coworker’s read in one of the food magazines that if a person eats 10,000 pounds of spinach a year, they’ll die of arsenic poisoning. Guess I’ll have to get rid of those 10,000 pounds of spinach somehow. Luckily I didn’t use that much spinach for the Mother’s Day meal;)

Helen the receptionist for my office and the honorary grandma who feeds us candy and supplies us with our faxes compared knitting to a painting. I was a bit frustrated that I was still making mistakes with my knitting projects and she said that I was the only one that noticed and much like an artist who paints a picture they are the only one that see the mistakes. I thought that was a nice comparison.

Tonight one of my favorite books as a child A Wrinkle In Time is going to be shown as a movie on ABC. I'm going to have to tape it since we watch Raw on Monday nights.

There are also some films coming out I really want to see The Incredibles which looks incredible, The Stepford Wives(I heard the original is super scary so I would never watch that, but this updated version looks comical), The Pink Panther and Around the World in 80 Days. This new version of The Pink Panther stars Kevin Kline and Steve Martin who I think are hysterically funny and if Beyonce can act as she can sing then the movie should be ok. The lead in 80 Days has an Eric Idol quality about him. I also want to see Shrek 2 and the third Harry Potter movie.

I saw the first Harry Potter last night and it was great the second time around. The imagery and story are so beautiful.

We did catch Van Helsing on Saturday and I was pretty entertained. I enjoyed how the movie opened up in black and white sort of like Young Frankenstein. I liked it because it was a campy horror flick and not the blood and gore kind. I also liked how all the great horror movie greats like Dracula, The Wolfman, and Frankenstein’s Monster. The graphics weren’t as good as they could have been though.

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