Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! Today my parents, brother and Niel's mom is coming over for a late lunch of ham, lamb stuffed in puff pastry, colorful eggs, gnocchi in vodka cream sauce, red salad, antipasto platter, almond pie and good old jello. My mother in law will bring over Piononos. So good. Niel enjoys playing a game of "who can crack the Easter egg". It's a little game we play in our family. Niel enjoys competition so he was eager to take on this tradition. My father always cheats. Heh. My mom promised to bring quail eggs(also intrigues Niel) and some Armenian Easter bread or also known as Choreg. And as usual my dad will ask Niel's mom to say the blessing.

I thought I would share some links as to how some Armenians celebrate Easter.

Here is also a link to some other Armenian
As well as some of the
some Armenians enjoy for the holidays and the meaning behind them.

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