Thursday, March 18, 2004

Niel and I will most likely host Easter again this year. We just haven't told our parents about it. I guess time to get cracking. No pun intended. Get it eggs cracking? Anyway I remember the very first Easter we hosted which was three years ago? (Wow married for almost three years. Good grief it passed by all too quickly.) The night before Niel and I were decorating the eggs and Dave stopped by. He ended up helping us decorate the eggs. That was funny. I remember using Disney characters on some of the eggs. I was also making Hummus and my hand held blender broke and all these little plastic pieces ended up in the bowl. Well I was going to throw out the thing, but Niel and Dave came into the kitchen and picked out the plastic pieces from the bowl and started eating the Hummus which they said was good. Things are changing so fast I hope times like that can continue.

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