Friday, March 05, 2004

I had lunch today with Niel at Mandler's. It is pretty much an upscale sausage place. The corn fries are awesome. They don't look very much like fries. They should be renamed corn fritters. They are exactly like the fritters at Sizzler. The bread and the sausages are very tasty also. But not as good as the corn fries/fritters.
We finally got around to renting School of Rock. I am glad we didn't see it at the theater and pay full price. I was dissapointed. I enjoy Jack Black and the music was great, but something was lacking in the film.
There are days when I love living in New York City. Being surrounded by culture, wierd little shops side by side with the big named stores, the musicians in the subway, the plethera of exotic cuisine. Then there are the days when this great city just makes me sad. This week it seemed like everywhere I went I saw something depressing. Monday I saw an old man who passed out and was being given mouth to mouth and yesterday a homeless person was having a fit on the subway.

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