Sunday, February 22, 2004

This is a tasty dish. It is good either for dinner or as a party appetizer.

I bought a Spaghetti Squash on Friday. I have been hearing about this interesting fruit for a while now. The price was cheap so I thought I would attempt to cook it. All the recipes look good on the page. I will also look for some recipes on, Martha, and

As I am typing I hear some birds fooling around outside on top of our air conditioner and it is freaking me out. Get away birds!

I went to one of my favorite sites recently where I found a link to me a character on South Park. Below is what I would look like and here is the link to the South Park site so you can create your cartoon you.

Well it looks like we might have four more years of Bush. That idiot Ralph Nader announced on Meet The Press he will once again run for president.

The first family had to put one of their dog’s Spot to sleep. Spot was a born in the White House during the first Bush’s run to Millie. No matter what people feel about W this is a sad story.

We finally bought a wok. I've been making a lot of Asian dishes lately in our frying pan which is fine for eggs but not for swishing around noodles, meats, and various other Asian ingredients. Woo hoo!

I also picked this snazzy little box up after seeing it on this site. A great price and good for organizing! I just hope they don't run out!!!!

I also bought a grey color wool for Niel's scarf. I believe it will look nicer with the blue, instead of green and blue.

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