Wednesday, February 25, 2004

It snowed a bit yesterday. The cars and grass were covered with what looked like a blanket of powdered sugar. I got home at 7:30. I didn't plan on it, but since the office server was down Monday everything got pushed back. My plans of exercising, washing dishes and filing papers weren't all met. It seems like this is the story of my life. Things I didn't get done or done on time. School and work have been on my mind a lot lately. I never thought I wouldn't graduate from college. I spent enough time there but I never graduated. I know it was my own fault, although I have a million excuses. Plus I am not in the position to leave my current employer. At least not yet. I don't know if I should go back to school. The thought of it does not appeal to me. Coming home late and not being with Niel as much as I would like. I guess that is why I am pushing myself so hard with the crafting, writing and party planner courses. I don't know if party planning will be a full time career but at least something on the side. I submitted an article to an online magazine. I'll let you know if it gets published.
Today is Ash Wednesday and the opening of The Passion of The Christ. I don't know if I will see it. I don't enjoy violent movies and I think Mel Gibson has lost his mind.
I tried Tide Stain Brush . It works pretty well on removing spots on clothing. I am anxious to see the results after I do the wash.
I didn't have the same success with Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. Maybe it is because the spots in our apt. are very old? I don't know. This weekend I am going to try to tackle the mildew on our bathroom ceiling by applying Oxy to it. Ewwwww. I have been spraying it with bleach every morning for a few weeks but this doesn't seem to work.
The white metal shelf I purchased from The Container Store did not work out as great as I hoped. We ended up purchasing a cabinet from Target. And it is perfect!

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