Thursday, February 26, 2004

America's oldest man dies at 114.

I was out picking up an ad yesterday and I was crossing the street. I was walking along fine until I looked down and saw that I was walking on ice. Then I freaked out and was afraid I might slip. So then I starting slipping around. It is funny how when I wasn't thinking about it I was walking fine. I also thought I saw Jason Schwartzman.

We watched the tape of celebrities trying to spell. It was disappointing. No excitement.

I had some left over spoon bread and decided to sprinkle some extra sharp cheddar on top of it. This was the second spoon bread recipe we tried and we don't think we are spoon bread people. But I also cut a piece of cheese off to nibble on while the the spoon bread was warming in the microwave. I don't particularly notice the differences is cheddar cheese but for some reason I did this time. Extra sharp cheddar(I was eating Kraft ) has a smooth flavor with a bit of a kick to it. I think it is my favort type of sharp cheddar.
Has anyone noticed there are all these commercials with bears in it? There is the one with the cartoon bears doing a toilet paper commercial. Then there is the one with bears buying Pepsi at a convenience store dressed as a human. Then last night I saw a commercial with a bear enjoying Hershey's Smores Bars. Are bears trying to take over America;)

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