Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I just found out that Kellogg’s has a tastier version of Raising Bran. They put granola into it. So instead of tasting their regular not so yummy, but good for you cereal, the predominant taste is granola which I looooooove.
Niel went to purchase a few things last night at Stop & Shop just in case we had the storm(luckily we didn’t) and he brought back Sushi. Mmmmmmmmm Surprisingly Stop & Shop has good Sushi.
Niel and I were driving home from somewhere over the weekend when I noticed a dog lurking alone on a street. I made Niel turn around just so I can see if he/she was ok.
I stepped out of the car and surprisingly he was very friendly. Most stray dogs I find run the other way. So Niel got out of the car because I was having a hard time reading his collar. The dog runs the other way. I run after him and he runs into a yard where he starts barking. I have no idea why he was barking. I don’t even know if that was his home. I suspect it was because he sure did seem to know where to go. Why do most people who have pets do not take care of them? Why were they so careless to leave their gate open? Although a cousin in law of mine has very smart dogs that are able to open their gates. This could have been the case with this dog also. I just don’t understand why people who take on a huge responsibility as being a pet owner they don’t take it more seriously. Don’t they realize what they are getting into? Dogs need regular walks to relieve themselves and stretch their legs. They need to have water constantly and to be fed at least once a day. Not leaving the darn gate open so their dog can run into the street and get hit by a car, or be taken by someone with bad or good intentions? I mean if you can’t take care of yourself, don’t think you can take care of another living thing.