Monday, February 16, 2004

I hope all of you had a nice Valentine’s Day weekend; whether you went on a short trip, went out, cooked dinner at home, or did nothing at all.
Niel arranged for us to go see 50 First Dates.. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. It was funny and serious at the same time. Drew Barrymore’s plays Lucy, who suffers from short-term memory loss. She cannot remember Adam Sandler’s character Henry, because he isn’t in her long-term memory. So everyday he tries various wacky attempts to be in her life. Then we went to have dinner at Benihana. The ambiance is very neat. They have various prints and you get to sit at a Hibachi with other people. It is similar to family style. It is good if you are going with a large group of people or aren’t shy about meeting new people. Our chef Eric performed various tricks with his utensils as he prepared our meals. I would recommend their mushroom soup, salad and sushi. Their meats in my opinion weren’t flavorful enough, however Niel disagreed with me on this one. It was fun to try a new restaurant. The rest of the weekend was spent coughing and sneezing.
I am at work today and boy was it a breeze getting into work. No crowded bus with school kids. I had a much needed knitting lesson at lunch. I haven’t touched it in a while. Partly because when Elaine is instructing me I do well, but every time I try to knit on my own I can’t. I hope this isn’t a permanent problem. The green and blue colors of the yarn I bought are calling to me.
I even tried the knitting website recommended by Erin.